Office Manager

Wendy came to us a fill in to answer phones.  She enjoyed the job of working in the dental field, helping our patients, and working with us.  She quickly caught on, and rose to the challenge of office manager.  Wendy has been and continues to be an asset to our practice.   Wendy is a Virginia Beach native.  She is married with 2 daughters, 14 years apart.  She and her husband own a 200 pound English Mastiff who thinks he's a lap dog, and a Bengel cat who thinks he is a 200 pound English Mastiff!  She enjoys photography and car shows.


Dental Hygienist

Gail is our hygienist who graduated in 1994 from ODU and has continued her education to keep up to date with current standards of practice. Regardless of what is the latest and greatest, she finds the KISS Method "Keep Simple Stupid" still works the best, and she practices what she preaches.

Gail's famous words of wisdom are: "Floss before you go to bed. It is quick, simple, cheap, and wards off a whole lot of trouble."

When not honing her skills, she enjoys outdoor activities the best. Among her favorites is driving her Jeep™ in the woods, camping, going to the beach, and riding her bike to work.

Logan aka LoLo

Lead Assistant

Came to us via Georgia, were she was born and raised.  She married her high school sweetheart 2 and a half years ago.  Her husband is in the Navy and lucky for us, was transferred to Norfolk.  She attended Dental Assisting School and came to work for us.  She plans on continuing her education, to become a dental hygienist.  She has two fur babies.  One Yorkie named Gabby and an Olde English Bulldog named Cali.  When not working she enjoys time with family and friends especially when at the beach or lake.  



Nicole came to us as an extern.  She is a quick learner and adapted very quickly to our practice.  She felt like a natural fit and was asked to stay with us an assistant.  We are very happy she accepted.  With her as our latest addition, we feel our staff is complete.  Nicole recently moved from North Western Pennsylvania to start a life with her newlywed Marine husband.  She is currently finishing her dental assisting certification at Fortis Institute.  Nicole loves to spend time with her beautiful nieces and her Pitbull Lita.